We are an Affordable Web Design / WordPress agency servicing London and abroad

Smashing24 is a with a difference.

We were born with these 2 simple insights:

Web Design isn't rocket science anymore...

It's almost too easy!

WordPress, Wix, Weebly and all the DIY Builders, plus all the great tools out there has made web design easier than ever before. So a seasoned, professional web designer should be able to build a quality website in next to no time today!
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It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg for a decent website...

Let's get real.

Gone are the days when web design companies could use technical jargon to charge obscene amounts of cash for simple little websites. At least, they should be! Are you still being overcharged?
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Furthermore, the DIY Website Builders aren't all that great either...

  • WordPress is good, but there is a large learning curve.
  • Squarespace is good, but monthly rates instead of a one-off price?
  • Wix is OK but your site could look very templatey.
  • DIY - but what if you are not a designer?
  • Find a freelancer on Upwork? But communication might be an issue.
  • Got thousands to spend on a traditional web design agency?

Getting a today shouldn't be that hard.

Smashing24 meets you halfway between a traditional web design agency and a free DIY builder.

And it’s very easy:

1. Pick the website package you need (see below)

2. Pay a deposit and fill out an easy design brief

3. We will confirm and advise about your order

4. We will build your awesome new website!

"An awesome website sounds but what are my options?"

Option #1: A smashing website in 24 hours

Fastest turnaround for smaller websites

If you need a website of 5 pages or less and you have little time or a low budget, this is the option for you. The quality of the website is still good but you will have less say in the design process.

Option #2: A quality website in just one week

Excellent turnaround for medium sized websites

This is the most popular option that fits most businesses’ expectations. A quality web design can be attained in just one week for a relatively low cost.

Option #3: Two weeks for extra quality

Slower turnaround but more attention to detail

A good choice for businesses who would like more control of the design process and who don’t want to rush. A steady 2 week plan to make the most out of your investment.

These people loved the work we did for them:



One day. One awesome website.
  • Less quality, fast turnaround
  • Delivered in under 24 hours
  • Between 1-5 pages
  • Basic wireframes followed by WordPress implementation
  • Designed directly in WordPress (i.e. not in Photoshop)
  • Design feedback level: 1/5


Let's take our time together 🙂
  • Excellent quality, slower turnaround
  • Delivered within 2 weeks
  • Between 1-20 pages
  • Detailed wireframes for homepage and 3-4 internal pages
  • Detailed design of homepage and 3-4 internal pages
  • Design feedback level: 5/5

Our web design packages come with the following amazing features:

We use not only your brand’s logo and colour theme, but we utilise your brand’s feel and values as well, making your site truly yours.

These days, your website will likely be looked at more on a phone than on a traditional monitor. We’ll make you look good no matter how they see you!

Clean code and best performance practices make sure your visitors don’t click away and can also improve your SEO rankings.

That is, we alt-tag your images, meta-tag your description and use the correct headings and content tags for Google to love you.

What’s a website for if not for sharing? We’ll integrate those little buttons and icons for your users to easily connect with you and share your content.

(Optional) Don’t worry about it. Your website will be hosted on a server near your target audience in a safe and secure – and did we mention – green environment? Yeah.

WordPress is the king of website management and we use it exclusively. If you can use a Word document, you can use WordPress.

Need a blog too? WordPress comes with a blog built-in. Let the world know how you feel!

Maintaining all your websites plugin and other updates can be a pain. Leave it to us, we’ll take of it for you at zero extra cost.

Got a quick question or need a quick hand with something? No worries. Send us an email whenever you want and we’ll get back to you asap.

Ultrafast servers around the globe feed out your website’s data even faster! (*only for Legend and Squire packages)

You know that little green lock next to our web address up there? That means extra safe and Google likes to see these on sites too.

If your website goes down in the middle of the night we know about it and we’re onto it. Rest assured.

In the extremely unlikely scenario thay your website has been hacked, we will restore the most previous, unscathed version for you gratis.

We’ll let you know once a month just how everything remained protected and updated with a detailed email report.

We will send you one or more videos showing you how to manage and run the most important features of your new website. It doesn’t get easier than that.

(Optional) We’ll install what you need so you can keep a track of what’s happening to your website and where they are coming from.

(Optional) If you need your visitors to sign up to a newsletter or some other form of communication.

You’re safe with us. An error, mistake or other kind of problem can be easily restored with our 24 hour backup service.

Breathe in and relax. You now have a smashing website which is being monitored, protected and looked at. Now go do that thing you need to do!

Need help with content?

To really get the ball moving on your new website you will need some words and images to bring your services to life. We can help you with that for an additional cost. Check out our Extras page and maybe you'll find something else there that we could help you with.
Let's do it!

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