How about a new way of approaching web design?

Focus: Fast Turnaround for a Decent Price

Thanks to the advance of technology, web design has become easy. Almost too easy in fact. This has spurred on many business owners to attempt to design their own websites on platforms such as Wix, WordPress or any of many others. While, of course, you want to save money by using these platforms, you might be doing your business a disservice. It’s not your job to understand color-theory, navigation protocols, information architecture, user psychology, responsive technology and all these things that go into good, modern web design.

Furthermore, why should you? There are many other things you could be working on other than worrying about web design.

Smashing24 offers a solution somewhere in-between the cheap/free builders and the expensive design agencies.

We do this by offering our own little formula of:




It is these 3 factors which enables us to give you such great pricing.

Talent / Natural Ability

Design is in the blood, like music and all art. Not everyone has it. Couple the natural creative drive with sound, logical thinking, then all web problems can be solved tastefully and effectively.


Fourteen years experience designing websites in several countries for all sorts of clients and for all sorts of companies. We have been there since the early days of web design, when people were still using Hotmail and Netscape. We have seen it all and solved all the hard problems front-end developers used to face (before WordPress)!

Experience cuts the learning and guessing out, saving precious time on the go. It means knowing what to avoid and what works best.


WordPress has become the go-to web builder in the web design world, accounting for more than 30% of all online websites. We know it back to front so you don’t have to.

WordPress has made the development side of web design almost non-existent, meaning that very little time needs to be spent these days in the coding department. A little knowledge in HTML, CSS, javascript and PHP, however, goes a long way in getting themes and plugins to do what you want them to do. 

In short, our years of experience – backed up by design skills and general know-how – enables us to knock out websites lightning fast whilst also keeping your brand integrity intact and prices low.

That is Smashing24 in a nutshell. We hope to do some great work together with you soon.

Need to know more?

Check out the FAQs and feel free to contact us if you need to know anything else.

Our philosophy is based on 2 major factors: time and pricing.

Web design is no longer rocket science.

You do not need a team of developers and UX thinkers to bring you an easy to use and attractive website. Experience, talent, the right tools and common sense can meet your project expectations easily and a quality website can be delivered in under a week.

A clear and transparent pricing model

Web design costs are notoriously haphazard. We know how it is when you send a brief out to a dozen agencies and the quotes that come back are wildly irregular. Not cool.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your options further.